King Air 350i, TBM 930 and Cessna 208B cockpit liveries

I made some cockpit liveries for the King Air 350i, TBM 930 & Cessna 208B for personal use, but I want to share it with people, who might want a bit more or a different style at their “workplace”.

Mod Page on Nexus:

Just unzip the content of the zip.file into to the community folder.

Some Pics from the King Air 350i:

Some Pics from the TBM 930:

Some Pics from the Cessna 208B:


Possible to put to some cloud drive? Don’t like nexusmod and dont wont to register

Gitihub is too complicated for me (I am old!!^^) and nexusmod is perfect for me to organize my mods. sorry. you can register for free, as I know, there are no costs.

It’s no way to put google drive or dropbox?
I’m sorкy. But I do not register on questionable resources and do not provide personal data for them. If they are unable to provide downloads without registration, then this is their decision. My solution is not to register. Because I don’t trust them. You can not register on this site if you do not agree to SPAM from nexus


Yes. I understand that then I will have to live without your mods. Well, it’s okay =)

Nexus is dumb and all and leaked user info before, but just make a burner email for this sort of thing. It takes less time than screencapping and posting the user agreement complaining about it.