King Air Mod

Hello A-Team!

KA is the only aircraft I fly, I bloody love it.

I’ve used it on my semi-world Tour since getting the game. From my little local Airport (Lydd, Kent UK) around Europe (touching Africa) to Frankurt. Via Italy, through Greece, hop to Cairo and back through Istanbul. I am absolutely loving it. I saw a mod on Nexus for the KA which, thankfully, fixed the missing landing lights and sorted the taxi lights so it’s half decent, makes it more real. ONLY thing I am struggling with, and it may well just be my flying but it’s the extreme left pull on take off and landing)

I have read that props pull to the left (not a real pilot). However this seems extreme; take-off is almost impossible (I do have pedals but far too much right rudder to keep it straight). Landing is worse. I can line her up pretty decent, usually use a bit of ILS where I can to get us sorted as im learning where to aim when coming in at the moment and then about 600/500 away I disengage AP and fly her in. I can get it down but the minute it touches the runway, it shanks left at an almost 90degree angle, which I am assuming is not correct?

Can someone advise if this is just something I need to deal with or just get rid of that part of the mod?


Also - does anyone have any other paint jobs on the KA? I only have the Disney plane.

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I also fly the KA exclusively and I don’t have the problem you describe. You might try

  1. Temporarly clean out you Community folder to see if that helps
  2. Re download the KA

good luck

thank you sir!

I will try that, I did think that made most sense. I didn’t have the issue before the mod so…sense dictates get rid and go again.

I’ll give it ago. I am fed up with ending up in the fence on landing!