King Air: No input option for (ILS) frequencies?

I can enter the heading for an ILS landing, but I can’t find a way to enter a frequency.
Is this an error or who can help and explain to me where I can enter the frequency?

In the central console to the right of the pilot there is a small “menu” button. By pressing it there is the possibility to set the frequencies. (Sorry for my bad english)


Actually the button mentioned is inopearative… (Ať least for Xbox and asobo version of King Air). Rather go to mfd ( center display with navigation) upper left corner click on split. You will see the screen devided to two parts, left part - at the bodom click on FLP, menu Will appear where you can see the navigation frequencies selections.


As mentioned by @IB679 the LEFT Menu button (the one on the Pilot side in the center pedestal console) is working properly, not the Copilot one
Now thanks for your additional procedure which also works nicely on the PFD (not only on the MFD)
We have to not miss to click on XFER at the end of entering the NAV frequency for it to be handled on the PFD

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Have to check the menu button… Actually I try it a while ago and it seemed to do nothing so I stopped trying and get used to my way of doing it. Maybe it get fixed by the time :wink:

Thank you very much for your quick problem solving.
I had pressed “Solution” on all of you, but only one seems to be accepted.
Anyway, great help from you all. THANK YOU!!!

Not sure what heading you are talking about, but in MSFS aircraft you can’t set/modify the localizer course.

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But one more demand:
Thanks to your help I can now enter the nav frequencies and more.
But where do I see the selected frequency in the display?
It would be very cumbersome if I always had to call “Split” first.

Have no idea… Never found it and I would love to known also. So far only “split callout” works for me

Maybe I am mistaken, but you can… on King Air for example… On PFD click on CDI and on the nav source select VOR, on CDI knob select desired course and that’s it. It works basicaly the same for Cessna 172 and TBM , so I would guess that will be the same for other aircrafts too… Correct me if I am wrong, but in case you want to do an ILS landing for any other aircraft but airlines you have to set the runway course this way manually otherwise it won’t work.

It works with VOR, but not LOC.

Sorry i get lost :slight_smile:
What is the difference between VOR And LOC in this case?

The localizer course is fixed.
Regardless of the course setting, the deviation indication will always be correct.
In MSFS you can’t change the localizer course which isn’t realistic.

So what if i want ILS landing and I set only the frequency of LOC and I don’t even touch the course it will still guide me to runway at correct course?

IRL yes. But if the course is off by e.g. 90deg, it will make the task of keeping the LOC centered a tad more challenging :wink: