Kingair 350i questions

Hello all.

I am currently flying my first attempt of High altitude flight from manchester to Keflavik . All went more or less fine. I was even pleasantly surprised by air warning which was resoved fast. One thing that is bothering me is that my plane do not respond to any levers for som e reason. I see them move but prop do not affect RPM (does not drop below 1900) and Torqe according to my sources should be in cruise arround 80 is not moving from 102. I am on FL260 atm. No ice, no clouds. Clear air. I would apreciate tips, bugs if there are any and suggestion for mod if such exists.
Thank you

Be aware that the background code for all turboprops is buggy. (They’re all the same basic PT6-A engine, with slightly different performance values.) Things like torque going up instead of down as you climb and other issues have already been well-documented. I don’t fly the KA much (at all, really), so I can’t really speak to any specific bugs. But one thing I’ll suggest is that you try out the TBM. The prop and condition are handled automatically, so if you have axis controls assigned to prop and condition, that you just push those all the way to the top and leave them there. Besides that, the TBM is faster and more economical, so if you’re flying with any kind of economy addon, you’ll do better for yourself.

Thank you. I must admit I am not fan of TBM but It looks Like I am going to like it.

I didn’t think I would either, but after watching videos online about how to start the real thing, I discovered that Asobo did a really good job modeling the startup procedure on this one. Take a look at this video from the Daher factory’s official channel. It’s for the 900, so the panel is G1000 instead of G3000, but the procedure is still the same. Use your mouse on the throttle lever in the sim.

Yes the start-up sequence is so well done that the ITT gets as hot as the surface of the sun when not unfeathering the prop quickly enough and when feathering twice after start the engine cuts :expressionless:

Well. I did try from Island to Gander just a while ago. Sure turboprop range trolled me again so I had cheat a tiny bit and add some fuel just toward end of flight despite being well in range but I guess it is not big thing. All in all I now dislike it even more. Yea it is very nice to fly. I hate its power lever, almost forgot to mention. I guess ill stick for now with my trusty modded Xcub and PA 44. Maybe in future I get back once they polish turboprops.
Almost forgot to say, thanks for trying to help, but for now ill enjoy what i like most, bush flying and vfr.