Kingair and ignitiion switch

Have a constant ignition switch on light on the PFD. Any suggestion on how to turn it off.
All ignition switches in correct position, I think

I think thats a 3 position ignition switch

Ignition switches are just on/off

Well if the ignition light switch then one or more is still on.
Once the engine is on turn off the Eng Auto IGN and the Ignition and Engine start switch.

This issue, namely ignition caution stays on after cold and dark start regardless of switch positions, has been an issue with this aircraft for the last couple of updates at least. If you start your flight powered up on the runway, you do not get the caution. If you cold start, follow the checklist to the letter and mirror the switch positions from a powered up flight where the caution is not present, the ignition caution does not clear.


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