KLCK Crashes Sim

`Purchased my home airport KLCK Rickenbacker Airport from the Marketplace. Worked well for about 6-8 flights. Now every time I try to fly from there I get a CTD as the sim is loading the flight. Just tried to do a flight from KTUS to KLCK and about 15 miles from the airport I get a CTD. Just noticed that KLCK is no longer on the Marketplace for sale. It was done my MSFSCENERYBUILDERS. So can I get a refund or will it be fixed??

Hello @RodgerC130

Since this is a Marketplace purchase (and not affiliated with MS-Asobo), we’ve moved your post to the #third-party-addon-discussion:airports where it can be better seen. Please contact the supplier directly for support. If seeking a refund, please open a Zendesk ticket.

Thank you for your help. Wasn’t quite sure where to post this. Much appreciated.