Kleine Scheidegg - Switzerland

Looking great in Live Weather

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The rendering of the Eiger leaves a lot to be desired (I made a round trip from Interlaken to check it out last week)

Looking forward to this improving!

Absolutely. Would love the Swiss Alps to get a ultra high resolution makeover.

Interlaken then fly south up the Lauterbrunnen valley is a favourite :grinning:


Sorry, but this has nothing to do with reality, nor the mountains nor the buildings. Check pictures on the internet, I am not allowed to upload one here.

Who said anything about reality? I don’t need to look at pictures on the internet as I’ve been there in person many times.

We all know there are issues with autogen buildings, terrain, textures etc. and over time some will get resolved.

I’m getting a bit sick of all the moaning on this forum for even the smallest thing.