KMEI incorrect name

KMEI is Key Field, in Meridian, Ms. In MSFS, it reads/voices as “Key West” instead of just “Key” or “Key Field”.

Do you have an OLD MODIFIED locPak file ?

In current MSFS Version, in ALL the locPak files, KMEI is “KEY FIELD”.
Nowhere does it have an entry as “KEY WEST”

So it is difficult to imagine why you should be seeing/hearing “KEY WEST”

Just fired up MSFS, and flew in/out of KMEI
Actually, you will hear/see “MERIDIAN” when communicating with ATC.

Wold Map shows airport as “Key Field”

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Thank you. I believed I had everything up to date. But I’ll double check the locPak as you specified.

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If you have not intentionally installed a MOD to change ATC, then it should be the Asobo default current version, which, to me, seems to work correctly…

Maybe try departing from KMEI again, and double check.

No mods to the voice. Only liveries and a couple of payware aircraft.

Then try it again, I can only assume you were mistaken.

No, I wasnt mistaken. I updated to 1.7.3 this morning and problem is still there. I’ve double checked my mods and again, only liveries and aircraft. I removed the 4 scenery files to be sure, but it had not effect.

I’ll confirm this bug. The ATC has said “Key West” since day one. No mods at all installed and all world updates are done.

Sounds like there was an update somewhere that didn’t get applied to existing installs. I’ll just live with it rather than reinstall the entire program.