Knobs, buttons of the Garmins controllable with hardware?

Is it meanwhile possible to assign the rotaries and buttons of the Garmins (1000, 530) to control it with hardware? I’m using GoFlight panels, can assign the functions and in the sim the rotary, button doesn’t work.


I got this from nice guy at NextGen Simulations

Regarding the operation of the Garmin knobs and dials, MSFS’s Sim Update 5 feature a different interaction model, which was especially made for the Xbox version of the sim, but also was adapted to PC and is defaulted there too. You should be able to go back to the previous interaction model by going to the General Settings > Accesibility > Cockpit Interaction Model. It should be inLEGACY, instead of LOCK. Once you change this, click Apply & Save, then go back to the aircraft. You should now be able to interact with the swtches and even the Garmin GPS dials.