Kodiak 100 center of gravity slider won't adjust from 27%

I just downloaded NeoFly. When using my Kodiak 100, I discovered that I was unable to adjust the center of gravity slider. Even though I am out of balance the slider keeps returning to the one pilot only (170 lbs) setting of 27%. The problem exists independent of NeoFly. The center of gravity slider works fine on my Cessna 172 in or out of NeoFly.

So I suspect the issue existed before I installed NeoFly. I may have an MSFS setting issue or a Kodiak 100 bug.


I believe it’s not supposed to be functional in the Kodiak. You’re supposed to manually set the weights for different locations to adjust the CG. I think with NeoFly, where it might load cargo automatically, you might need to manually tweak the weights to keep the cargo weight where it’s supposed to be and also keep the CG in range.

I’ve never understood how youwere supposedly changing the cg anyway

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Very interesting! You could very well be right. In any event, it gives me something to try. Perhaps SimWorksStudio will add that feature in the future. Thank you.

That ‘feature’ will not be added. It is not the CG slider, it is the Empty Weight CG slider, a function introduced by Asobo to be used (for example) with an airliner in which the empty weight of the aircraft may be slightly altered by different setups ordered by individual airlines. It does not apply here, because the empty weight CG position has been calculated for the barest airframe possible. Any alterations to the setup (cargo, passenger seats etc) are taken care of within the payload section. For that reason, the Empty Weight CG position is fixed, and is not adjustable by the end user.


If it’s what I think it is, I documented how to workaround this elsewhere. There is a line in one of the CFG files which disables that slider, and that line can be changed.


Might as well put all the weight in the tail of the aircraft and then move the empty weight cg to the nose. The Empty Weight CG position is a fixed, immobile point. Having a slider for it ranks alongside having two separate flight models in terms of lacking common sense. Just load the aircraft correctly, trim it correctly and fly it!


Label it an “Assistance” feature, and it makes sense. Just like other “Assistance” features that don’t exist in real life.

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it is all magic. wizards did it.

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