Kodiak 100 - unable to configure Logitech throttle quadrant

The new SWS Kodiak 100 looks great but I cannot get my Logitech throttle quadrant (part of Logitech Flight Yoke system) configured. The z-axis responds only 50% from left under to half in the sensitivities screen. In addition, I cannot get the other axes to recognize or respond to the ‘detents’. They move very inconsistently, while the sensitivities are all set to linear.
Is the throttle quadrant incompatible? Or is there a hidden setup somewhere that I have missed?
Thanks for any help!

Normally if you configured the axes correctly it should work with all planes. Are you having that problem with the Kodiak only?
You can try to recalibrate the throttles in Windows and reassign the axes in MSFS, but otherwise I am out if ideas

Solved! My Logitech Throttle quadrant was faulty or maybe it was the 6-pin cable into the yoke. Bought a new one with a USB connector.