Kodiak low oil pressure

no, it’s when you accelerate the sim

I didn’t know you could do that!

The Kodiak now has engine failure/damage modelled - if you over torque the engine will pop, (audiable bang) then low pressure and kaput. The length of time this may happen after an over-torque (or excessive Np) is randomised - it will not happen immediately. So respect your parameters!

This keeps happening to me now. I’m 99% sure I’m following all the torque parameters, and I don’t use time acceleration. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing it?

I just faced the same event, a loud bang followed by engine lost, then emergency landing! no prior alert was triggered.

How to you reset the engine damage does it happen after restarting or is there a hidden menu somewhere?

Its non-persistant so will reset with each flight.

One mistake people may make is just using the max ITT and torque values (eg 1760ft/lbs) on the cockpit placard. Those are maximums and will be reduced considerably by the temperature and pressure altitude - you have to consult the charts in the back of the manual or the POH to get the correct max torque (and yes, the damage model is smart enough to take these lowered limits into account). If you go into the red I think you only have a matter of seconds to correct before damage occurs.