Kodiak: Problems in AP with ILS and RNAV?

Thanks for the videos. Kind of hard to tell whether it’s the plane, the airport or the navigation unit.


What I noticed is that your rudder is never really in trim. at first it’s off trim to the left and so the airplane has to correct its bank to the right, at the same time you leave the centerline to the left.

Then further down and slowing down you should trim the rudder to the right and the plane has to correct the bank to the left, you fly right of the localizer.

Maybe you could try to trim the plane (rudder only) correctly while you’re on the ILS. It doesn’t mean that there is no issue but it could be a problem with the autopilot holding the LOC while correcting the P factor.

Have a look at your second vid, 00:45. There you reduce power, the slip indicator moves to the left while the autopilot keeps the wings level but the runway starts to drift to the right. I bet it will stay spot on once you trim your rudder (or tap it to center the nose to the airstream)

The Kodiak also has problems following the GPS in a straight line, there too it always makes slight curves.
I already know that from other aircraft that have a similar behavior (banking), but then at high speeds, or with increased sim rate. Something is not quite right here.

Since I fly the Kodiak 99% by hand, I can still live with it.

PS: I just tested it in Geneva (LSGG RWY22 108.70) same experience.

With the C172 under the same conditions, everything is perfect.
Both Airports LSZH/LSGG are Payware in my Case.

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I tried again, focusing on the rudder trim.
It seems to help… but in the end, it still misses the approach.
Would probably be deadly in bad weather…
And there is not even wind in this case in the video.


Absolute, SWS have to fix this…

Have you already reported it on the main thread? Better if we both do that right now …

I reported it via their SWS website support ticket system.

@JazzSam are you on the NXi mod or standard G1000? Have to tried both? Just curious.

Hey Buddy…

I only use Legacy Garmin, i have a lot of CTD’s with the NXI.

I read somewhere that the NXI should work better with the Kodiak. I haven’t tested it myself yet, and I don’t want to because of the CTD’s either

I use the Nxi and have no problems.

… I hope not Sling… I just deleted the NXI because I couldn’t get an ILS setup to work and never want to see it again. Went back to stock G1000 flew 172 AP, NAV, Approach “flight computer” takes over and brings me down and then I land by hand. We have 4 inches snow here KPAE and still snowing. I just flew in the dark and snowy weather from KSEA to KPAE and I broke out about 250 feet above the runway.

Yup, that’s the issue I’m talking about. If you don’t correct heavily the plane will fly to a different runway. Things seem to be really going south below 500 feet.

I have only Problems with the NXI. So, good for you when it works well :ok_hand:.

I get the same – (Nothing to do with flaps)…
The Localizer capture and hold is messed up, with a drift from center.

Should not matter what wind, elevator, rudder or aileron trim is set, the AP should compensate and fly the plane on the center of the localizer beam.

On one test approach, the localizer needle remained pegged to the right, no matter which side of the Localizer the plane was placed.
(Yes, defiantly tuned to right Localizer freq)
Because , Using the Dev Panel to switch to the C172 and its KAP140 AP, the needle centered as locked as expected.

Did you activate Bearing 1 and 2 for NAV?

Same here. Using G1000 NXi after activating approach mod and capturing LOC the plane constantly swings from left to right and vice-versa. It holds GS perfectly, just the LOC LNAV has this issue. It has nothing to do with speeds and flaps, I’ve tried from 135kias to 70kias with flaps 0 and 35. It’s the first time I’ve used ILS since it was released and it was only to check this behavior so it doesn’t annoy me but it’s something to look into later by the DEVs for sure.

With the G1000 NXi my experience with “wandering” is not limited to the Kodiak, nor just holding the localizer.

All NXi equipped aircraft seem to gyrate back and forth while holding the magenta line; you can see it when auditing the aircraft trail in Little NavMap post-flight.

I suspect the behavior becomes more extreme as you near the lower end of the velocity envelope for any NXi equipped aircraft, as you would during a final approach.

Just make sure everyone using the NXi is fully updated to 0.10.1.

There were some AP-related lateral oscillations fixed a couple updates ago. You want to eliminate that variable.

Make sure you have the latest version from the Content Manager.

I wish the NXi would check for updates each time it loads, and if there is an update, display a “There is an Update Screen”

I am NOT saying it should FORCE an update, but just inform you that thre is an update available, and warn you that you are not using the latest version.

Seems Simple enough, and would eliminate so many issues where Pilots are reporting bugs in old versions, that have been fixed in current version.

ie Like the PMS50 GTN750 does

There is no hoping that will change. It was announced many weeks ago that the plan all along will be for the Nxi to become the new default hence my comment. It’s really stable and I haven’t found any major performance issues with it so perhaps the issues people are having may be conflicts with other stuff they have. Perhaps it also needs a bit of self education because the Nxi is much more real world and so forces you to set it up correctly. You really ought to get on board with it because it will be the only choice at some point in the future.