Kodiak Prop Animation

Hey guys, is it just me or are the Kodiak prop animations worse now than they were before, especially during startup? I thought MSFS upgraded the prop disc animations recently, but maybe it needs to be updated manually per plane.

Check out this vid I recorded a few mins ago. The prop spin animation looks like it’s 15fps, then it stutters and vibrates, before instnatly switching to a different spinning animation with no transition. I love this plane but prop animations are def a weak spot. Otherwise it’s very lifelike!

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Asobo implemented a better prop aerodynamic model under the hood it doesn’t affect the visual animations. To my knowledge though the kodiak doesn’t use the new aerodynamic model either.

I agree though the kodiak really does have rubbish prop animations, really does detract from what is otherwise an incredible package. Hope it’s on the devs radar to update at some point.

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I noticed the change after SU8. I now get ghosting of the prop at lower RPMs. I suspect this is an Nvidia driver issue as much as anything. There is one sharp transition but you get that IRL too. It’s still much better than the Asobo PC-6 prop.

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agreed. the rest of the plane textures and graphics are fantastic. if the devs could take a look at other examples of great prop animations (DCS does this phenomenally) than it would really up the realism of the Kodiak.

it’s very off the starting prop runs at such a low FPS compared to the sim itself. it really is like 15-20fps, and when you’re running 60fps the difference is really glaring.