KOLM Olympia Washington windsock in the middle of the taxiway

Could someone move the windsock that was placed right in the middle of the Bravo taxiway right at where you’d normally hold short for entry onto RWY 17 at the Olympia airport (KOLM) - You can taxi through it but it doesn’t exactly add to the realism - they could just move it 30 feet north in the grass of where it is now and we’d be Golden. Thanks friends !!


What windsock ? If its not meant to be there, just IGNORE it – don’t even see it.
Its just a Simulator — I would trade a windsock at every runway threshold for no more CTDs !!! the CTD’s are what really “spoil the immersion” level !!

Its just that taxiing through a structure seems dumb if it can be fixed

Of course it is – so is the tree at the threshold of runway 01 at KDCA that suddenly started to appear a few months ago – but what are you to do ? File a ZenDesk report ??? :partying_face:

I wonder if there are Keebler Elves in that tree? Fair question

This is fixed.

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