KORD, no buildings

No building visible, only jetways. This was true in SU9 and is the same in SU10 Beta.

Hello @doorslammer74,

I’m using the SU9 live build ( not the SU10 beta, but Chicago O’Hare looks fine for me per the screenshots below (taken 2 minutes ago). Are you by chance using any scenery or airport mods for this area that could be causing issues?


The exact same thing happened at Edinburgh airport after SU5 (is that even fixed yet?)

It wasn’t mod related for Edinburgh.

Thanks for the reply SeedyL.
I have some scenery mods but only for UK and because I’m testing SU10 I have removed everything from my community folder.
Yesterday (7/7) was the first time I haad visited KORD and thought it strange that no buildings were visible.
I have the base package. AFAIK everything is up to date, in face ater installing SU10 I noticed there were updates for a number of WU sceneries.
I have the Steam version so I’ll check the Steam local files and see if that fizes the problem.

KORD buildings back :smiley:
Checked the Steam local files, all OK, and then the long download of files which is normal after checking the local files.

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