KOSH (oshkosh) Strange towers on Rwy 36 Approach

What are theses strange TOWERS that have appeared on the approach to RWY 36 @ KOSH

I do not recall seeing them prior to the UK Update (but they may well have been there before)

I really do not think they should be there – I certainly do not recall seeing any such Towers the last time I was at AirVentures Oshkosh, back in 2018

Google Earth does not show towers either – just the approach lights

They have been added prior to the UK update. Asobo has started to implement power pylons/lines where they could get the data at some point in Q4 2020.

Well, they should NOT be towers like this on the RWY 36 approach to KOSH (Oshkosh)

More AI ? (Artificial Ignorance )

Yep, fully agree. In the link post from me, I write exactly that.

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