KPIT IFR approaches not correct #XBOX

Been a couple months since I played. Everything is updated.

When creating an IFR flight plan on the world map, none of KPIT’s approaches line up correctly for landing, no matter which runway is chosen.

I know this worked correctly before as its my local airport and is my flight destination often

Quite likely the SU9 update. Several people have noted some oddities with the database.

See also this thread here: Missing Navigational Data

It’s possible the issue we are discussing is what you are running into as well.

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I found that i cannot select approach/runways to land when planning an IFR flight. Noticed this at Barcelona before and now at KPIT indeed.

Just curious have you installed the new world update italy ? Because since its introduction im getting the same problem with ils approaches not showing the purple line.

I checked lots of airports on xbox and the ils is either offline or doesn’t turn purple this just happened today for me it was fine yesterday
CDG, Atlanta and Malaga are just some i checked also fuerteventura and Gran canaria

Most approaches are not correct in the sim. You can see absolutely impossible ILS approaches all over the world, that create ridiculous zig-zag or loop patterns around the destination airport.