Krueger flaps

Flying the Asobo B747 I noticed the Krueger flaps were down during the flight, how can I put them to a ‘Higher level’ ?

By “Higher Level”, do you mean “Raise Them”
In the cockpit, use the flaps handle and move it to the position you desire.

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Thanks MeridianOwl,

That’s the only thing I didn’t try, with the keyboard it doesn’t work, and also with the buttons of my Saitek X52 Pro there is no reaction.

As far as I remember was the flap handle in the flaps up position, and only the Krueger flaps were extended, strange …

The normal flaps on the backside of the wings function in a normal way.

Make sure the flap handle is at up, not selection 1

Reloaded the saved flight, everything works OK now. Thanks for your help!

Wow. Krueger flaps. In 24 years of enthusiasm-level virtual simming I have never before heard this term. :smiley:

Ah so it´s a different word for “slats”. Wikipedia will teach me more about this, thanks for giving this interesting input!

Neither did I, GamingCat., until the problem occurred.
It took the same route for me to find it out, and that since my start in flightsimming in the 80’s of the last century … :small_airplane: :parachute: :artificial_satellite: :artificial_satellite:
Thanks for your reaction!

they are not slats though