KSEA Southbound Departure Stutter and Pauses

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Yes, but issue still happens when it’s empty

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Brief description of the issue:
Stutters and Pauses when departing KSEA southbound

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Take of from KSEA towards the south. Multiplayer is off for me and photogrammetry on.

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)
R7 3700x
RTX 2080 Super
64 GB RAM @ 3600MHz

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
Always, but more noticeable recently

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MS Store

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What about resolution, graphics settings, traffic settings?

I have everything set to Ultra, except Trees, Bushes, and Grass which are set to High. Render Scaling is set to 80. If I set it to 100 in Seattle, I get really bad tearing in the scenery. Traffic is set to real time, but no default AI traffic.

Terrain LOD that one also a huge performance hit.

Just land to KSEA from north (16C) and no stutter.
(i9 10850k 32gb rtx3070 SSD, setting on ultra for everything). Just a 0.5sec pause when entering taxyway.

Same with KLAX

No problems from the north. I only encounter them from the South for example flying KSEA to KPDX

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I was having this same issue prior to the update regardless of which aircraft I used. Tried it after the update with a flight in the 152. No apparent problems. Later did a flight from KBLI to KPDX in the Bonanza and once again didn’t have the issue south of KSEA. I’ll try another flight later on to determine whether it’s still there for me or not.

I’ve been flying the WT CJ4 and a32nx. Let me know if you’re able to try it with one of those


I haven’t been able to try it with the CJ4 or 320, but I just did a rip around with the Caravan at 1500’ and the issue is still there. Seems to clear up north of KSEA. South over Tacoma and circle around back to KSEA.

The Los Angeles Area is the worst !

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Same issue here, settings and or mods make no difference.

I’ve never had problems flying this area, but it does have more slowdowns and stutters than most areas other than Los Angeles. It’s never been worse than Los Angeles, and both areas are flyable for me.

Basically from a few miles south of KSEA to about maybe 25 miles south things are kinda wonky, then it clears up. Between say Olympia and Portland is fine for me.

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LA downtown. MAJOR freezes/stutters when coming from the west. Other than these major hickups my performance is pretty damned good now (capped to 30). When loading up from the east and flying over it, no problem to me. Weird and annoying.

Thought it was due to disabling hyper threading in bios, but probably it was just due to the direction of flying…

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Just flew a couple of flights into and out of KSEA today…

After about 2 months of flying bush trips and other mostly rural areas with pretty good performance this came as quite a shock.

Flew the MB339 which has pretty damned good performance for me usually. (And has no glass in cockpit, just dials)

Sub 20fps stutterfest with the photogrammetry basically updating under my wings. Horrible. Hard to even look at without feeling a little motion sick. Glad I wasn’t in VR for this.

15fps on the tarmac at KSEA departure south.
Flew out north to the Space Needle and back. Performance horrific for entire trip. Frame rates so low I was struggling to find the airport/runway. When performance is this poor it’s hard to get a coherent picture.

Took off out of Vancouver for one flight test. 50 sometimes even 60fps. Then hit a wall on approach into KSEA. (Not as bad this time, maybe 20+FPS but still nasty to look at)

I just had to turn off for a while because low frame rates like that make my eyes tired.

If they serve this up to a console audience they are going to get crucified.


Have you tried since SU5 dropped? The similar Los Angeles area stutters are completely gone for me, and I haven’t noticed any stutters around Olympia, though I haven’t tried northeast from there yet.

This is still an issue but you will notice it more if you are nearing the limit of performance., especially in VR. As you pass over that red piping out of KSEA there is some severe frame rate drop pauses, but if you have plenty of headroom you may not notice. There is something odd about this spot for sure.

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I don’t notice it upon departure or flying around the area anymore. Same thing with KATL and KLAX. Anytime I’d fly in the vicinity horrible stutters that made the game unplayable. What I notice now is if I’m flying to one of those places, about 80-100nm out I will encounter some stutter and pauses not lasting more than 15 seconds. I guess it’s when all the scenery loads. Then it goes back to normal and is super smooth again, which is a major improvement because at least it’s flyable. Still wondering if there may be a fix for the stutters and pauses as you’re approaching the heavy area.

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All my stutters are gone after SU5 this is the smoothest any Sim has ever been for me.
Cruising at 230 kts at 1,500 Agl, doing acrobatics across the NY skyline or zipping across the sky at FL310 it’s all butter.

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The issues I encounter are when flying in from longer flights on an airliner. I have no issue if I spawn near NYC, KSEA, KATL, KLAX with an aerobat plane. At that point most of the scenery loads in the background before you spawn in I believe. In that case, yes, it’s super smooth.

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