KSEZ to KTEX in the TBM930

This twitch stream (replay) is an IFR flight from Sedona to Telluride. A difficult pair of airports, with a perfect ending. But you may want to fast forward through the cruise portion, although I have some funny and interesting things to say, it can get quite boring!

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions. I think my next one will be either a trip to outer space in the Vertigo Granddaddy version, or a trainer vid for the Just Flight Turbo Arrow IV. I’ll do both eventually, just not sure which one comes first. If you don’t have the Vertigo Granddaddy version, PM me for a link to my Discord that has a database of over 100 planes, including both versions of the Vertigo. They’re listed under JBM because that’s the base airframe they use.

TMB930 flight from Sedona to Telluride… Come grab a seat and take a look, especially at my perfect landing! - Twitch