KSFO 28L - bumps/cracks on runway

Hey all, I landed at KSFO 28L today and while roll out I saw some large uneven cracks going across the runway. I was around 40 kts and decided to see what happened when I crossed. It was like going over a bump. I think if I landed long it would have definitely caused a the A32NX to crash. Anybody else experience this after the update?

They’re at KORD and KSEA as well and either the Asobo or Imaginesim version of KATL too. Some developers suggest dialing back settings and that seems to help the issue.

I did a cartwheel landing on 9R at KATL and hit the curb on 16L at KSEA right at rotation speed so, yeah…Buckle up.

Lol! I did some landings at KSEA 16L day and night and did not have any issues. I did see a stream of XP72 landing at KORD and he got launched! I avoided that runway. Ya KSFO is the only airport that “I” have encountered that. What setting were you suggesting to dial down?

This seems to be the same issue raised and discussed in this bug thread: Runway Tears / Terrain Issues in Photogrammetry Areas

Feel free to vote in that thread.

Trying to fly from Oakland Intl. a few weeks ago in the JMB and couldn’t get 50’ up the runway before an abrupt forward lunge would cause a disabling prop strike. After a few re-starts I figured I’d try the TBM from the same runway and although it caused a pretty significant lunge forward, I was able to remain on the runway and finally get airborne. Last night found several “speed bumps” at KSNA. Which I’ve flown from on several occasions and didn’t previously have any issues. So I think even the runways are subject to update degradation.

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