KSFO Airport Enhancement

Any chance that MSFS will release this airport Bespoke without buying the Full Version
of the Sim. Flying around the Bay Area without this enhanced airport is like flying in Southern Cal
without LAX.

Any plans for a future release for us who could not buy the Full Version 3 years ago?

Isnt there a KSFO in development by flightbeam if i remember right? Would probably be far better and cheaper than buying the premium Deluxe just for this. But yes, sometimes i wish i could just buy the 787 as standalone for example.

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I doubt MS/Asobo would do that so you may have to wait for Flightbeam to release it. It will be worth the wait and should be out before year-end…

Glad to see that Asobo/MSFS is allowing third party developers to work on it. Can’t
wait for the release. I hope it won’t be a frame rate killer.

Supposedly, just like they’ve supposedly been working on KPHX and KMSP for over two years now.

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I don’t think MSobo really care if 3rd parties make versions of airports included with any version of the sim. For instance, iniBuilds has made EGLL, KLAX and KJFK all three of which are loads better than the Asbovo versions. ORBX’s KAVX is also better than the one Gaya did which was added in World Update X.

Now having said that, KSFO as it exists now in the upgraded sim is fine but it’s very badly optimized could use a good third party option. Flightbeam has been working on their version forever it seems like but still not released.

There must of been some pushback from Asobo/MSFS to release a third party KSFO?
Can’t imagine in three years there hasn’t been more interest in upgrading an airport like KSFO
the only major airport in the bay area.

I highly doubt any pushback, as mentioned, there are a LOT of third party versions of Asobo handcrafted airports.

Development takes time, and once a Dev announces they are working on something, typically others don’t jump in.

That being said, it can / does happen, we went from no CYUL to potentially 5, then 2 dropped out, 1 is delayed and 2 are released.

This is all on the third party Dev side, nothing to do with Asobo / MSFS.

Who was the fifth CYUL? As far as I know, it was MK, BMW/Amsim, FlyTampa and FsimStudios — with the latter pair having either postponed or cancelled their projects.