KSUU Travis Air Force Base

I purchased KSUU from the XBox Marketplace.

Taking off, landing, or even flying over KSUU there is a huge FPS drop. On the XBox, it is like a rapid slide show. The performance is significantly worse than even the Switzerland mesh which does not work well on XBox.

I’m not a content developer, but if I had to guess, I would say that the airport has way too many textures. From the air, the ground textures all look blotchy and have a painted look. Perhaps going with default ground may help with performance? I’m not sure. I just know as of now, the performance is so exceedingly bad that just using the airport once or even just flying over it, you never ever want to use it again. And there is the pity, since being the first military airport in the sim, you want to make it an experience that is the perferred place to use the simmer’s military jets.

The mod is currently taking a beating on ratings in the marketplace. I imagine largely due to ther severe performance hit.

Thanks for the post. I was interested in this but saw the reviews last night. So like a good buyer beware I held off. LOL. I was having similar issues with KSTL. It has a lot of textures an seems even a high end system has trouble loading them all. I’ll wait and hope for and update soon.

Thank you!!!

What Xbox do you have?
Have tried any other airports?

I still might try this one but would love to hear more feedback from others.

I have Vancouver and it is fine, as is Miami

I have an Xbox series X and have many many airports. I think my preferred list is now 187. Miami is fine, I flew from that yesterday. This is definitely just this airport. If you look at the above view, you will see that the ground looks painted from above, and you can see tiles on those patches (ie, the same pattern appearing in multiple place). I just think there are too many textures and not optimized that drags the FPS of this way down. It probably is fixable, but you won’t be pleased at all with how it currently is.

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As a further update, to be fair. The first two takeoffs were extremely choppy. I just tried another takeoff, and this one was better, but I was getting stutters flying over the airport. I’m positive if some of the ground texture went to default terrain or something, that this problem can be alleviated. It’s just a little heavy right now, which is weird because at a mod size of only 248MB it is one of the smaller airports in mod size.

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I took a chance and downloaded the airport, it works great for me. No stuttering at all. We should compare settings that you use and see what the differences are.

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Here are a few pictures I took today

I would like to see them add the KC-10 refuelling plane to the airport. Also a few of CH-47 , few jets and how about some Humvee and military trucks. Maybe a few UH-60

I’m on XBox. Except for rolling cache there aren’t going to be any settings

I’m on Xbox Series X
There are things we can check. TV settings, cache size, internet speed, game settings (live weather, slider settings) do you use any add-ons, what plane, etc

After flying from and exploring this airport, I find it lacking. The attention to detail of buildings and lack of military equipment leaves me wanting more.

Hopefully they will upgrade it as I really wanted an airforce airport.

I give it a 2.5 out of 5