L-39 Albatross...problem with protruding pilot

My L-29 looks like it’s being flown by Fred Flintstone. His hands stick out of the side of the aircraft, while his legs and feet stick out of the bottom. Besides all the new (included) planes, I also purchased the P-51A, P-51D, AT6 and the L-29. All the other aircraft are fine; I’m only having this issue with the L-29.

Any thoughts or ideas on how I can fix this problem. (Or animate the legs and feet for takeoffs. :wink:)

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You clearly haven’t switched off Flintstone mode in the settings


You know, for a self launched hang glider, that looks pretty sporty.

Incidentally, the aircraft is the L 39 Albatros. The L 29 was the Delfin.

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“After landing, apply hard braking”.


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Definitely one for the screen shot competition :rofl:


There is a bug report on this here if you wish to contribute to:

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Good to have this Feetbreaks… its really disapointing

Let me confuse the issue even more. I purchased BOTH models of the L-39. I only have this issue with the single seat model. Everything is fine with the two seater.

[ Now all we need is a good Fred Flintstone paint scheme for both. ]

Now it would be interesting to see the LOD00 .gltf and see what the pilot model they link is on each.

Perhaps take a copy and try to change the name from the 2 seater to the 1 seater? Something like PILOT0 might be present.

Unfortunately I haven’t bought the pack so I can’t have a play there myself.

Oh please someone do a Flintstone car livery on the side of the aircraft! :rofl:

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I can already hear the Melodie… Flintstones yeah the Flintstones Yabadabadoo … :laughing:

Please use the topic in #bugs-and-issues here: