LA and Las Vegas no longer seeing photo scenery

New York and Chicago are operating normally (photogrammetry). Could I have hit a button somewhere??

Vegas looks ugly like ****, there are trees higher then hotels/casinos, also Buldings are mished

The graphics for Vegas are pretty good. I’m running graphics on “High End” at 4K resolution. You are right about the trees. They are practically consuming the Vegas strip and many of the buildings. Way over done with the trees! Please fix this! I’m more disappointed not seeing the new NFL stadium for the Raiders. Where is it? True, they don’t play in it until this year, but they started building it two years ago and there plenty of models around of what the completed version will look like.

Really? Sounds like something is off on your end. Vegas looks incredible to me, seems to have quite a bit of photogrammetry.

Nope, it was me. I had somehow turned off Photogrammetry in the Data section.

All better now…

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Well done. The main problem with Vegas are the trees! They are like monsters consuming everything! Your photographs show the problem perfectly.