Lack effects(physical, visual, sound, weather)

hi people, would we may to hope? trails on the high alt from tails and on the aoa from wing endings, buffeting, flat and inverted spine(i’ll understand if those will only on the full force feedback devices in the some aircraft or will required right controls position for those things) static stable model’s fluctuation instead asymmetrical wing stall and spine, the hail and northern lights, on the water swinging when waves goings on? and what i didn’t mention, of course :slight_smile: i would like to see, animated of course, sharks, dolphins, orcas, seals, and obviously penguins and whales… and fire in the real time, is will good chance to the work for fire planes
thank you

Hi there,
Thank you for your post. I’m sorry to close it, but there are about 50,000 wishes in this topic and we only ask for one per topic. I will try to give you links to all of the topics that I know about, and if there are things that are still important to you, please feel free to create new topics (after searching, first!).

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