Lack of AI, could it be a server issue like live weather?

Hi Asobo,

Just wondering and I’m sure you have checked but since your stream last night I wonder if the lack of AI showing in the SIM is a server issue? Flightaware VS what’s in the SIM is very different.

Please can this be addressed.

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Do you mean AI traffic or live traffic?

Live traffic

During development they stated that the engine can only handle so and so many aircraft in a certain radius. If I’m not wrong it was something along 50 aircraft in 200 nm or something. That explains the drastic difference from flightaware.
I believe the actual AI traffic on the ground is just to make it traffic appear more packed.

Might get improved over time.

Let’s hope so,.I’m aware of the 50 plane limit but the skies seem empty with Live Traffic

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Yesterday I was flying in Texas, and couldn’t believe it but I had 8 other a/c on screen and in the air around me, all being guided in and out by ATC. It was pretty awesome. This morning, flying over to Cali, I’m seeing 1 a/c every 30 minutes or so. Totally different feel to it!

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45 minutes in KFJK ground traffic jam when???

I know there is an aircraft limit on live traffic, but if you are having an issue with it, I suggest recycling the traffic from live to off then back to live. I do this before every flight and that seems to help.

I am really hoping that Alpha-India group are able to eventually building something for FS2020 like they for FSX/P3D. I loved customizing my traffic and having real world traffic all the time. I honestly don’t think AI traffic will be really fixed by Asobo within the next year cause there are so many other things they are having to work on right now. Getting the sim working reliably is more important than having AI traffic right now. The biggest issue with traffic is performance. Every sim has had that issue which is why I think it gets left out or undervalued. Let’s hope something gets fixed/developed in the next few months that will bring the AI traffic to a more realistic standard.

MSP had a steady stream of arrivals a couple weeks ago. I actually had to follow legit traffic. Now, I’m seeing aircraft that land and don’t exit the runway. All in good time…

we are ready to bring OCI to MSFS, but before we can fully start developing we need to have the CTD Bug fixed that is caused by FSX Models. Convertig the models to the new format (like it was done with P3D) is at the moment not possibile - and new models weould need to be developed from 0…

As soon as the above bug is fixed we can start exploring AI (online and offline) and make our plans.