Lack of Amount of Real Time Traffic (90% less than what's happening)

While Real Time Traffic appears to be working the traffic seems to be about 90% less than what is actually happening (as shown on FlightRadar24)

Yeah, it’s a flight simulator. Further, it’s meant to be a realistic flight simulator. Didn’t realise 2 aircraft at LAX every 3 hours was realistic or being anywhere near simulating Flying aircraft to and from busy airports. Cut the attitude


Don’t understand. Are you saying you are now cutting your attitude because you noticed that the default version X-plane (supposed to be a simulator) has no real time traffic?

This is a forum to post bugs, that’s all I’m doing.


No need to be sarcastic. It’s a valid request even if you personally don’t care about the feature. Others do. And just because X-Plane has no real time traffic doesn’t mean that his point is invalid. Even the offline ai traffic in the current build is not finished yet.

Back to topic: AI is something Asobo promised and looking at the FlightAware partnership announcement video, the current state of traffic surely isn’t what they envisioned. Looking at the Feedback-Snapshot, Ai traffic is “in progress”. So we can expect some improvements in the future.


Right I guess I assumed that only had to do with game generated traffic not real time traffic but you’re probably right in that it applies to both.

Not being sarcastic, just making you think and realise it’s not always about fulfilling everyone’s wishes. I’m playing the sim on my commodore 64, I want real time traffic sometimes but not with all planes. My beast of a machine can’t handle that. If you think a ‘warranted quality’ is missing file a bug report or accept the feedback snapshot. Instead of claiming you speak for Asosbo or others,start a Poll post. Read your post again, It does not read like a request. Edit if you want.

A bug report has already been filed. This is also not the wishlist forum. It’s for sharing bugs noticed in the game and engaging with other users who have noticed the same and may have tips and/or workarounds


Yes, it seems very hit and miss for me. Some days I will get a small plane and just loop around Sydney Aiport with FlightRadar24 on and see every plane I am supposed to see, then the next day there will be hardly any.


Thanks for better info. Now the readers know that they do not need to doubt the work in progress feedback snapshot. Why don’t you edit your post so people know you are asking for tips and/or workarounds. It just reads like a moan to me.

It’ll be interesting to see how this mornings server update impacts this.


themman92 now has a workaround - accept that’s its work in progress :smiley:

Not only being realistic or not, but I believe what makes people disappointed is the expectation which had been created by Microsoft/Asobo even before the simulation released. I remember watching all those discovery series and there was one episode which we were shown the airport traffics. It looked flawless. I do not see that traffic in my simulation. I do not have an ATC which properly controls the traffic. So the issue is more than “being realistic or not”. Yeah the only thing I care is flight dynamics and realism. Definitely do not want to be aggressive or disrespectful to the producers who worked very hard for this sim. But now sometimes I feel like some of those discovery series were false marketing…


The game is nothing short of fantastic so certainly no disrespect here just sharing a bug.


Day before yesterday I noticed the AI flights I encountered had landed IRL about 2 hours earlier, so they may have applied a delay from IRL traffic!?

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Asobo promised real time AI traffic. It’s not about fulfilling wishes, it’s about delivering what they announced. Asobo announced real time ai traffic, wich would be achieved via a partnership with Flight Aware. OG noticed, that the in-game traffic does not nearly show the same amount of traffic, that is displayed on Flight Aware. There is nothing wrong about him opening a topic in the Bugs & Issues section? This is what this forum is for.

I do “accept” the feedback snapshot. That’s why I mentioned it. I said that Ai is still wip and we can expect future improvements. Everything I said was confirmed by Asobo via the feedback snapshot or the prerelease Youtube interview with the devs. I am not speaking for Asobo. I am repeating what they already said.

I am sorry that I thought. this was a feature request. Both ways, I only said that the feature is being worked on.

I only edited my post once and only added the word “FlightAware” to make clear, which partnership announcement video I meant.

And I thought:

was pretty sarcastic.

If you thought I am critizing Asobo for the lack of this feature, this was not my intent. I only intended to give OG an explanation on why there aren’t as many in game traffic as on Flight Aware. I personally don’t think it’s a problem that this is not implemented yet.

Edit: I added the word “was” and corrected the typo from “hip” to “wip”


Some people noticed a 15 min delay between real life and in game traffic. Maybe that’s just so the sim can anticipate what the aircraft is doing and make decisions on where it taxis on the ground, accordingly. Just a guess, though. As stated before, AI traffic is still work in progress. We will probably see improvements in the coming updates.


You are of course like me also entitled to a subjective opinion. Please tell the readers how and where Asosbo promised Real Traffic as a ‘warranted product quality’ on launch date. I heard something vague about development intentions or wishes to include helicopters. I can’t find any. Should I complain because they were promised?.

Trying to have a productive conversation. This is a bugs and issues forum. If it’s a feature not working/available yet that’s exactly the point of this.


Like I said , subjective opinion and not wanting to understand what work in progress means.