Lack of antennas, Ciminy , wind turbine, power lines and often bridges?

I have been flying around UK and there are some big miss like Severn Bridges, nearly zero of ciminies are visible in none of the places including cities, and the rest above which I assume is available as data as there are free addons for Xplane with all of that, considering is an exploring “software” I am surprised none of that is available.

Notice same thing also in Washington where I see twice as many details with ORBX than with MSFS2020, of course not where photoscan is available but I am not talking about real building or even real turbine but really they are all missing.

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Yeah, you’re pretty much limited to roads/rivers/rail for VFR navigation, and even those are hard to see sometimes because they’re just “painted” on the landscape. Powerlines, especially, would be nice to have.

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I did a VFR flight from North Weald to Lydd the other day. One I’ve done in real life. I have to stand up for the game and say that the wind turbines were all spot on in the correct places. No there aren’t any power lines but the AI is accurate enough that you can spot railways via the tree lines and even disused railways via tree lines just like we do in real life. I’m extremely impressed with the AI so far!

I would like to see them add in the antenna masts and whatnot that were in FSX at least for the U.S. The FAA puts out a digital obstruction file with hundreds of thousands of objects with heights they could use for a start to create generic scenery from. Fences, power pylons, antennae. The FCC has a huge database of radio, TV, and cell tower masts that could be included. I don’t know how much info like that is public domain elsewhere in the world but it would definitely add realism.

That’s the problem. Making it standard across all nations hence why they have just stuck with the AI everywhere. (I’m guessing)

Yeah they would have to trim a lot of fat and reclassify some things, but it’s not insurmountable. We often take for granted how much Federal data is open source in the U.S. when in other countries it’s locked behind closed contracts from commercial providers.

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Haha very true. Such as here in the UK where you cant even stream ATC audio because of some old British law I don’t understand!

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Yeah I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see antennas on top of Cheyenne Mountain / NORAD in Colorado Springs.

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