Lack of rudder response/how to turn completely


I have the T.16000M FCS Flight Pack and when I use rudder to control the aircraft it does not turn completely to the left or right.

Do you mean when taxiing?

yes. when I taxi @ [hobanagerik]

What input have you bound the rudder to?

I have two inputs. The Joystick that rotates and the rudder pedals. I think it is just normal the way it is since the rudder is not supposed to go all the way to the left or right. I need to use the brakes (left brake or right brake) to complete more sharp turn when using my rudder pedals.

So when you bind the rudder as per my pic above, can you see the white slider moving when you move the rudder??

Also make sure you don’t have both rudders bound, just one.

yes, I can see the white slider moving to each end left and right.

Is the joystick rudder axis bound as well

yes. the joystick

Hang on you have rudder pedals and a rudder twist on the stick …both bound?

both are used

Unbind your twist grip from the rudder and use the pedals only

Then set your pedal sensitivity…-20 should do it

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Ok, I will try it the next time I load up the sim. Thanks for the help!

Might not mean anything but I found out you have to taxi slow round corners/intersections or you don’t get a full turning circle, usually only with the big jets, sorry if this isn’t helpful but it caught me out thinking my rudders were set up wrong.

User differential braking to aid in turning…


That is what I thought. I thought my rudders were wrong or if it was an issue in the sim.

That is what I was doing before.

Your issues are around 2 devices bound to 1 control and your sensitivity settings.