Lackerman Airstrip Tip for Breckenridge to Mariposa Bush Trip

Lackerman has been the hardest airport for me to find so far in the Breckenridge to Mariposa bush trip. The notes for the Lackerman airstrip say about a dirt road you follow on this leg “the road will make a sharp northern turn at a 90-degree angle. Just north of this … is a dirt airstrip for you to land at.”

I search forever north of a 90-degree turn in the road (red arrow) in vane for the airstrip. It was the wrong turn. The actual turn was another 90-degree turn another mile or so up the road (green arrow). The airstrip is circled in green below.

The landing strip is hard to see from the air. It looks more like a cow path to me, but straight and long.


I am forever grateful for pointing that out. I can continue on my journey now!

Thank you!

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Yeah the VFR descriptions are pretty bad to be honest.


Thank you for this! I had been pulling my hair out.