Lag / issues regarding in-flight menus on Xbox

It’s been a while since I last played the sim on my Xbox Series X and I noticed something about the in-flight menus (the ones you access from the bar at the top). It was all pretty smooth before, but now it all seemed kind of slow, unresponsive and weird

  • Overall slowness in navigating the menus
  • I had to try multiple times to be able to change the weather from live weather to custom.
  • I had an issue where I wanted to adjust a slider in a menu with the analog stick as I did before, but instead it started rotating the camera.
  • I couldn’t close a pop up box directly via the X in the top right corner, because my cursor took the shape of the resize-arrows when I hovered over it. I had to first minimize the window and only then I could close it with the X.

I must say that the overall smoothness of the flying itself, although it has been a wild ride between excellent and horrible between updates, seems to have hit the right spot and seems to be stable. It’s a shame that now the menus, that were never an issue, start acting so weird…

Have other people encountered those issues recently on Series X ?

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