Lag/stuttering; have you noticed?

I’ve just done a simple test …

All my settings at ULTRA.

  • If I fly around the ENLK airport with a TDM 930 or a King Air, the game lags, not that much but it lags;
  • If I fly around the ENLK airport with a DR400, Cessna 152 or the Savage Cub, it doesn’t lag at all;
  • When flying the TDM 930, if I change my settings to INTERMEDATE, there is no difference at all; it lags the same way.

Is it possible that the lag/stuttering problem has nothing to do with the graphic card, but happens only because the programmation behind all the aircraft controls?

One can imagine there is a lot less programmation behind a Savage Cub than behind an Airbus A320…

Update: I’ve just completed another test. On my system, all aircrafts with an autopilot lag, all others do not :thinking:

After the latest update I get the same stutter in all places with all aircraft with every possible setting changed.

It’s completely beyond my ability to influence it. It was absolutely fine before.

I am not impressed.


Yeah same here too. I fly vr strictly


yes i had to at all places and all planes +1

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With the update 5; it is supposed to be a huge improvement to eliminate the stuttering! :eyes:


I’m not religious but ill pray lol

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