LaGuardia (KLGA) to East Hampton (KHTO): Great scenic flight!

So yesterday I flew the CJ4 w/ low altitude IFR from LaGuardia to East Hampton, NY. It took only 18 mins for me but I enjoyed the scenery along the way!

The nice part is ATC limits your altitude to 5000 AGL so you can view all the scenery in detail.

I would highly recommend for light aircraft/turboprops! Although the CJ4 was absolutely perfect for this trip!

Once I can figure out how to screenshot my flights I will upload the photos here to share with you all.

To add to this. I believe I took the Runway 10 approach. I recommend that approach for a straight-in, smooth landing!

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I flew from Teterboro to East Hampton, right over the statue of liberty and downtown Manhattan in the turbo Bonanza. I’m sure I violated Newark airspace, but it was a beautiful flight. I may actually take this flight as I have no desire to drive to the Hamptons…what a mess. Only $1500 per person.

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I would love to see KHTO or Montauk KMTP as (community) add-ons.