Laid back, Slow paced, stretched out, challenging bush flights anyone?

We are mature, flying obsessed ex-bikers, badly affected psychologically by the excesses of the 1970s, slightly eccentric, Looking for people who enjoy chilled out, realistic, challenging, but fun flights, in the Savage Cub and other relatively slow GA models.

Nationality, gender, colour, and amount of hair loss immaterial…

GMT time zone, online (on and off) from 10:00 - 23:00 typically (But often way later)

Flying “Group only” Taking off With Full tanks (when we remember) … Full realism flight model… AI ATC compliant … Anywhere on the planet, no mid air refuelling, and always a distinct possibility of having something fail!!!

So I f you have a sense of humour, enjoy precision flying, and can put up with us occasionally shouting at our computers, veering off course while we answer the call of bladder every 20 minutes, and moaning about the Cub’s gauges reading In km instead of knots, you’ll enjoy flying with us…


haha sounds fun, all depends on timezone ,amsterdam hippie here hahaha
oops bad reading on my part, jeeesss
but how do i know where you are???

If I add you to “steam friends” or you add me, one of us can invite the other to join their group, and he/she then creates a flight plan, or simply a departure location… And the other can then see their icon on the world map and zoom in to the location to start flying…

See if I can handle getting you added, but it sure does sound like my type of flying!

I’ve accepted your request… But I’m not sure how things work through game bar?
I use Steam… Hmmm?.. have to work this one out a bit later, when my medication kicks in :grimacing:

Not sure either, but heck, but after I medicate as well, we should both be in better shape, figuring it out or not :slight_smile: See, this is working out already.
-Oldman gamer