Lake County (Leadville) Colorado KLXV by 4Simmers on XBox Series X problem (SU9 bad?)

Soon as I installed Lake Co. Airport from the Marketplace onto the XBox, the sim became unusable. Loading into the world became extremely long after the install, followed by a CTD soon I spawned there. Exploring the environs in Drone View also quickly brought about CTDs.

I managed to get the sim running for five minutes by spawning at Aspen and flying over to Lake Co. to land and park inside the hangar, but endured severe lag and frame rate drops (freezing every few seconds) the whole way in.

All these problems went away soon as I deleted the airport.

Given the good rating and lack of complaints I can find about 4Simmers or the airport in general, I wonder if this is a case of SU9 breaking the airport? Has any XBox user had a positive experience with Lake Co. eariler, but seen a change after SU9?

Yeah it makes flying in the Denver area really stutter badly. It used to work fine, but something happened. I emailed them and they got back to me and said they’re aware and working on it. It’s got to suck as a dev working on MSFS in the dark.

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I am a PC user but I have not had any problems with it at all. I’m in and out of there all the time.