Land path appear always set ON

I dont understand why the Landing Path in Assistance Options is set to ON each time I load the sim even if I set it to OFF last time I used the simulator. However, the other options keep their statuses that I put before.

Someone know how to do for the Landing Path stay to OFF

I found if you ever use the Flight Director (for example to point you to a nearby POI) during flight, that switches the landing slope rectangles on for some reason. Are you bringing that window up perhaps?

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No All my Assistance options are set to OFF (HARD). Rarely I set ON any POI.
Also, often the All my Assistance options become to Easy sometime without I change something. I dont understand why my setup are reset after a while.

Hmm strange one. No idea then, sorry. There are some other posts about a similar thing but no answers.

Do you ever switch on Dev Mode for anything?

Im all time on Dev Mode for watching my FPS sometime.

This could be the problem then, from what I’ve read but they were very old posts. Try with dev mode off and see if it still behaves that way.

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Thanks I will do this and will back if its work or not

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Probably restart the sim after turning dev mode off just to reset it properly before you try the testing.


I found the cause of problem. I use Taxi Ribbons Toggle from to toggle on/off the taxi ribbons. Good tool but it do for Landing Path too. Its a bugs I will advise the developer about this issue.

Thanks for your help @Baracus250 you help me to search more deeply :smile:

Regards from CYUL


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