Landing and taxi lights on the Cessna Longitude

At night in the Cessna Longitude, you cannot see to taxi - with the taxi light, the landing lights or all 3. They need to be MUCH brighter, or give us a brightness control knob to control each please.

This is all solved together in one MOD for the Longitude.

Or you can also search for the “Uwajimaya lighting mods”

Got the mod, thanks.

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In the cessna longitude when taxing at night the taxi lights/landing lights are barely reflecting on the ground

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all lights are on

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This is nothing new, since the release the landing lights seem to be pointing under the plane and not in front of it. This is one of those old bugs that has yet to be addressed after all this time.

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Annoying how the logo lights are also located on the horizontal stabs pointing down whereas in real life, they’re on the engine mounts pointing up. Don’t know who came up with that idea without verifying first.

One of my peeves was always when your flying through cloud layers the lights dont reflect off the clouds as if there were’nt even on, then the other day I went 3rd person in a storm, and lo and behold the clouds under the airplane were all lit up nice a bright from the landing lights … REALLY?