Landing at Notre Dame De La Salette (LFPS)

I had to make several circuits before I could land at Notre Dame De La Salette.


How about you?


LMAO this looks exactly like my performance when I’m too… er… tired :wink: for a late night landing.
Last time I drew a very beautiful butterfly above Geneva before actually landing without killing anyone.
The next morning I laughed to tears when I saw the result of my approach.

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Just tried the landing challenge… First time I did the same (go around) but in the mist it is difficult to do a safe turn keeping altitude, I crashed a few times… Then I tried restart every time… can approach and land as indicated with flaps on, but the challenge outcome sais I did not land on the designated runway 2x. I did not land exactly on the spot indicated 2x but I give up now… :cat: best I can do is landing log 1

It is difficult, at least for me, to land in the mountains when the airport is on a hill. I can’t always tell how high I am above the airport, so I often descend too much before I make the runway.

On my successful attempt to land at LFPS I landed on the flat ground right before the runway goes up the hill. I think that may be necessary to have enough runway to slow down before making it to the top.

Anyone here tried the landing challenge at this airstrip?
Everytime I start this challenge the engine fails to operate. I cross checked everything.

Hope you guys can help.

Kind regards


Did it multiple times without any problem

Have you checked your axis or buttons for double binding?

Yup every other plane operates like a charm.

I got a successful landing. The hard part was in identifying the strip.

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Check your fuel - sometimes it loads it with zero fuel… :frowning:

I think it’s due to having a centre tank, not wing tanks.

I am hooked on this challenge and although it was there for a while , after yesterday’s update (May25 2021) This challenge is completely gone now. Is it supposed to be ? I recall the cool haloween landing challenge, it did not stay in the sim afterwards … however Jackson hole was a spotlight landing challenge then it became visible in the landing challenges menu … is it possible to fly this challenge again ?

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