Landing & Beacon Lights Issue (787HD)

I only had this issue on the 787HD because I only fly the 787. Every time I spawn the 787 the landing and beacon lights are on and cannot be turned on


Hi @CptPhil1429,

As your post is about issues with 3rd party content, I’ve moved your topic to the #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft category which is more appropriate :+1:


Does it happen with the default livery?

dunno but i think i know why this happens it is because i have honeycomb yoke and throttle and my beacon and landing lights are set to the same button on both devices

What is the 787HD? Do you mean the Heavy mod or some other mod?

I dont fly the heavy mod but dont have this issue on the default 787

Just curious Capt Phil are you a rl Boeing 787 pilot

heavy division, i am not a real pilot but interesed in aviation so i may become a pilot some day