Landing Challenge Leaderboard Not Updating!

Hi I have some feedback about the leader board on the landing challenge not updating after I had beaten my previous high score. I took a picture of my new high score and it shows my previous place on the leader board and not where it should be.

After trying the challenge again it still didn’t update! :frowning: this is very frustrating seen as I spent hours with a controller trying to beat my previous score! I request someone looks into this and has the leader board updated.

My gamer tag is O2TheZee. Can someone from the team let me know if this will be fixed please.

I will confirm that this is now not functioning.

It would be great if our scores got saved somewhere if the leaderboards are unavailable, instead of just thrown away, lost a great landing score because of this :frowning:


I agree. I recently scored well and was not awarded my earned position.


There ya go. This must be why I am not Number 1 on the leaderboard. :laughing:


Thats such a shame I’d cry myself to sleep if I scored that high and it didn’t count :frowning: I hope they see this and add it manually for you because it’s not fair.

really it´s not functioning…I don´t have any Idea how to fix it. It really seems, that these beautiful pictures are more important than performance and stability. I think I´m going back to Simulator working great in a open source platform

But it is discusting, when such a motivatin Feature doesn´t work

I have the same bug. I tried with a new account and it took into account 0 as my real score was much much better !

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. The top 100 is reserved for MS employees.
Yesterday it worked fine for me, but my score was much lower.

I’m far away the Top 100… So Top 10000 is reserved for MS employees :joy:

Seems broken. Sometimes it has been delayed by a few minutes, but nothing has been updated since yesterday. Not counting on seeing the scores registered now. Also got a top 2 that didn’t register, but I’m sure I’ll get the top 1 if I try again when things start working.

Doesn’t work now. New score at 993707 on Llana Grande, leader board frozen at 477040 :hot_face:

I hold the top spot on one challenge and the runner up for another. Promise I’m not a MS employee.

Disappointing to see this still broken after 24 hours without any acknowledgement, you would’ve thought someone at the dev team would’ve noticed by now, or have systems in place to automatically test online systems are working correctly :man_shrugging:

Same issue here, my scores are no longer updated. I noticed the issue after the last FS update and installing the Japan pack. Also, clicking on “Top 10 players” has no effect, even though I’m online and no network issues.

Doesn’t work for me today. But it seems it works for some people because my ranking is going down every time I’m looking at it.

Not working for me as well. Fix this MS. This is one of their buggiest products ever. Unfortunately has to be the one I want to use the most.

The leaderboard isn’t working for me at all. I tried my first one today, the Quito, seqm, equador with the beechcraft and its not recording my scores at all, just shows a zero. The your position just keeps flashing, if I double click the top ten it’ll flash real quick and revert back to your position. At first I thought maybe I had a button being pressed but I think it’s a bug. I tried it about 8 times, my scores aren’t great but it’d be cool to see where I am on the leaderboard at least.

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Yeah, I parked a good one (for me), and was excited to see the rank. Yet it never updates.

As far as I can tell it seems like nothing has been registering since Monday, it broke in the middle of the day here. The server is seemingly unable to register new information. I’m having a break from the game right now, as this was the last thing that actually worked properly. Now nothing does.