Landing Challenge Miramar

If I could bring to the Attention of EVERYONE (Especially Asobo/Microsoft) the latest landing challenge has us landing in the wrong direction. While technically possibly, it is very rare for jets to land at Miramar in an Easterly direction. This is very apparent by the tire marks on Runways 24L & 24R. As far as landing challenges go, making the same banked approach over the Chocolate Mountains is more challenging AND more exciting, while also being 99% of the time correct.

If Asobo wants to make a truly great set of landing challenges for the Hornet, please get an IFLOLS working for Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP), followed by a working moving Aircraft Carrier that uses the same Improved Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System (Meatball).

With that said, I do appreciate a default Mil Jet being brought to the sim.



I Gotta +1 @RuneDogg here, Asobo/Microsoft got this one wrong. While I appreciate the attempt to tie into the TOP GUN idea, the wrong landing direction is a huge detraction from this challenge and left me feeling disappointed. A quick google (or bing) search would have shown the the weather for San Diego consistently dictate landing to the west for all San Diego airports.
While Miramar was a Navy facility at the time of the original TOP GUN, They should have either done the landing in the Marine’s hornet’s as @KRAZYB81 suggested or put the maverick livery on the super hornet , or the tomcat. I think those would options would have made it clear that it was just marketing for the movie.
Also as @RuneDogg suggested i’d like to try Flying the Ball, or an accurate aircraft for the base such as the osprey.
I think Asobo/Microsoft should try doing just a little research before they go near another Air Base.

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