Landing Challenge Repetitions and Copilot Mode

It’s my first time in this forum, I suppose that somebody else already give the idea but I think that implementing a repetition of your landing challenge will be a great feature and it would improve the personal experience for players been able to see they mistakes and develop a knew strategies to improve.

And second and for me one of the biggest additions to the game would be a Copilot mode to be able to flgiht with one of your friends in the same copit, like a real plane does. A long light in an airbus with your mate would be incredible while both share the command of the plane and the communication panel.

I imaging that someone else already give this ideas but I’ll like to know if im the only one thinking about this, also I dont know if this is the right to place this comment please let me know whats the community opinions about this.

I feel like someone mentioned the co-pilot thing was something that was in development (I believe other sims have this) but just hasn’t made it to release yet. And I agree that having a log of landing challenge scores on the landing challenge page would be helpful for seeing what you’ve done and where you can try again. And once the landing is complete you could get more detailed stats for that particular challenge (score vs attempts to see if you’re improving overall).

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Hello, @UnweptSpider274 and @HopNatic. There are, indeed, topics open for these:

Copilot mode:

Replay function:

Because of that, I will be closing this topic. Keeping it open splits and dilutes the vote. So I hope you both can vote on those two above topics.

Thanks for your understanding!