Landing Challenge scores not updating

Hi all,
I have had an issue for some months where my challenge scores are not updating. It seems to happen once I get to level A. After that, for some challenges the scores be will updated, for others the new score is displayed in big font (upper left) but never transfers to the best score in smaller font (lower right).

I haven’t seen anyone with the issue in recent times.

Are there any ideas on how to fix this, even if this means resetting all challenge scores?

Thanks in advance.


Only two things I can think of. Either you’re offline or you have dev mode enabled. Whatever it is I hope you get sorted.

Thanks for the suggestions.
I am online and have dev mode disabled.

Then I’m clueless, sorry :confused:

Try to disconnect and log in again… it’s the only thing I can think of :man_shrugging:

I have seen similar issues over the months since the landing challenges appeared. At some point in their iteration previous landing challenge scores seemed to be disregarded when it came to allocating the “grade” for the landing challenge. I think this was the case when grades were first introduced.

In many of my landing challenges I have scored relatively highly and definitely within the A grade category. However, the grade that shows for these landing challenges is the grade that I achieved the first time I attempted the landing challenge once the grades appeared.

In order to have subsequent landings “correct” this inaccurate grade I have found that I would have to beat my previous highest ever score for that particular landing challenge, which for some of these events is quite a challenge.

E.g. I have a few landing challenges with a grade “B”, where as my high score (still recorded) is 1.5 millon plus. Unless I beat that score, even if I secure a score over 1 million, i.e. into the A grade category, the landing challenge score will remain at a “B” grade. When I complete the challenge and look at the scores at the end I see my previous highest score is still recorded but is not being used as the basis for calculating the grade.

Note: There is a thread in #bugs-and-issues:online-services worth checking:

I will close this now and ask for a continuation to take place in this linked thread.