Landing Challenge Videos

Apologies if done before - can we have a thread dedicated to flyers’ videos of their Landing Challenges and scores?


I got over a 1 million on the new landing challenge that came out today but this video is only on the 700k score

I just can’t beat my friend DrunkEmelianenko’s score :frowning:

Close though

(And I know it’s in 3rd person. I’m still learning how to do landings in 1st person like the newb I am)

This was my highest ranking. Almost top 1000. 3rd person, I know, but still not bad.

Don’t even know why I’m posting this one

Here’s a rare 1st person landing I did

These videos are more to build the confidence of fellow forum members lol

I know these aren’t good but hopefully other members can post their videos to show how it can be done the right way :slight_smile:

Love to see Sirena as a challenge, it is a challenge in real life, here is a video I made of the real landing.


Score wasn’t stellar, but I’ll pull the excuse that it was 8 AM after a sleepless night. Touched down just a bit too hard for my taste.

On the other hand, this from Raimu from Japan has me (and everyone else, at least until yesterday) beat.

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My joystick is far too twitchy to even think about this