Landing challenges 39 of 39 done,counts only 38

#xbox i did all 39 landing challenges,they all show A, B or C
score in the challenges menue but in my profile it shows 38 of 39.Achievement for all landing challengs not unlocked

I had this too. The reality is that some of the 'C’s aren’t counted as complete from the ‘greased’ achievement perspective if they are low scoring C’s.
I had quite a few C’s so went back and did them again until I got better C scores then the greased award finally popped.
The Outer Skerries is a hard one to score high in so it could be the culprit.
Unfortunately there appears to be no way of knowing precisely which one is the one causing the issue though. Trial and error I’m afraid, but start with your lowest scoring C’s.

I tried it already with Southampton,really low score before,improved a lot but that was not the one.Have to do a lot of try and error now.Once they show up as solved they should score though

I agree, it’s confusing. Maybe it’s triggered by having a certain threshold in each and not just a summary score. I dunno. It definitely popped for me after redoing several poorish ones. Just target all your C’s. Start with the worst, next worst etc. I re-did nearly all 39 to find this out :rofl:

To be honest,looks like i have quite a lot of C’s to look at…:scream:

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Oh I’ve been there. :rofl: