Landing Challenges....I just can't

I’m assuming that with the challenges any assists are off. I don’t yet have pedals, so I have rudder assist on. When I do the challenges and land my plane seems to immediately go to the left.

Aircraft tends to go to left side, mainly at low speed. You can see this when you are rolling the runway for takeoff

And…for sure…wind will also affect this

Yep. Honestly it’s probably more me than the sim. I need pedals…clearly. :laughing:

Unfortunately the aircraft’s tires don’t have anywhere near enough the lateral friction one would expect in this sim - which is what causes havoc on crosswind landings/takeoffs.

I would say it’s more the sim than your setup.

You can do without a pedal. I use the default keyboard couplings for rudder. Left is Numpad 0, righit is the Insert key. You can handle rudder with keyboard. I have mid-range scores on a few of the landing challenges and I always fly rudder assistent off. I have only keyboard, no other controls. I always assumed you can’t get a landing logged 1 in the log book, OR a challenge, when you switch the Rudder assistent on.

Rudder assistant does not work properly. Every aircraft in MSFS has its own rudder quirks.

This rudder topic has some history in the updates. Back in november, rudder was only needed for taxiing on the ground and handling was a mess. The USA update improved the handling with the keyboard, so I could learn to taxi, or take off properly with Savage. Meanwhile, Asobo kept on refining the simulator. When the UK update came, they added flap lift (set too high at first) and near-ground airflow effects, requiring more rudder action. You’ll have to use rudder now, even to takeoff a C152 properly. Pilots have confirmed on this forum, that it is (in reality) indeed correct for a C152 !

In short… you have to do the ruddering yourself. Pedal, or keyboard. Just practice takeoff a few days, you’ll get hold of it… and better scores on your landing challenges.

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