Landing challenges not updating scores

I am so sick of this I actually up-loaded a video on my YT channel simPaul flights called ‘Broken’ - showing the Telluride scoring (or lack thereof)


I think you are on to something. Posting to YouTube. Many folks have this problem including myself. For example, I just scored 1,590,000 in a Nordic landing challenge and under all my friends scores reads 0. I think we should all post our vids and screenshots on YouTube and bash Microsoft for the issue and their lack of interest in fixing it. Perhaps the negative publicity would light a fire under butts and get it addressed.


Glad you pointed out there’s lots of fake scores…
The sores not updating is a royal pain in the wotsit.

I am 15th in one of the challenges and I cannot believe anyone can get 100% until I see the video. I normally just move on when I get an " A ". I have all but 2 completed and one of those is Idaho and the XCub I also have a C?
Many times I have landed smack on the blue Square and rolled 60ft forward, only to be told I am off the runway, no score… whats that all about?

The ones that don’t save you just have to get a good score and never try it again lol.

I managed 1.29M on the Idaho challenge - video evidence at 1.29 million points extreme STOL cross-wind landing Inkom, Idaho USA - YouTube

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Hi wanchaibanzai
I have watched your video before, and I have used your technique since then and it does improve the landing, but more times than enough I mostly get, " you have not landed on the designated runway " which is ridiculous because the runway is the hill top. That said I still land on the Blue square, so it must be all down to the forward roll, I think I will take the landing speed down even lower and see what happens.
P.S. Tonight I landed on the blue square and stopped within a few feet and received a " you have not landed on the designated runway "

Hello my friend…don’t forget you need a 3 Point Landing…how were your ground roll etc scores ?

This guy is right

Theres a bug man mines the same

Any fixes found yet anyone or is this now kaput

Hi - not sure if it helps but my YouTube video link above attracted quite a few comments since it was published relevant to this discussion.

I’m not sure about score updates, but in my case (Xbox Series X) there are a few airports that I have evaluation A B or C but “0” score in the leaderboards. I have checked every single challenge and found broken ones:


  1. Ronne (evaluation A) zero point in the leaderboard.
    2 Arlanda (evaluation B) … 0 points.


  1. Isafjordur - C … 0 points
    2 Svalbard - B … 0 points.

Strong wind

  1. Vaasa - C … 0 points
  2. Skyline - totaly broken as no world leaderboard.

Probably that’s why achievement “Greased” is stuck at 79%

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Hi yes some challenges are the same on pc too some of mine havnt updated yet beating my scores and some even show 0

SU 10 and WU released and the Landing Challenges STILL do not save the best score :thinking:

Is that a feature or do i miss something? :upside_down_face: :roll_eyes:

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After more than a year, the problem still exists :frowning_face:

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For five days in a row graphical details like trees etc. are not streamed properly! Anyone else experiencing this?

Just to let you know SU11 still didn’t solve this…UGH!


My grades are also not updated even though I already have scores for my landings. I am on SU11.

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Hello - I have the same issue.

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