Landing Challenges - The mechanics of the scoring

Can anyone confirm for me which of the following statements is true, if either!

  1. You land as slow as possible, before the markerbox. Ideally coming to a stop as close and true to centre of the marker box.


  1. Your touchdown should be as slow as possible and as close as possible to the centre of the marker box, then needing to come to a stop as short and true from that first point?
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I believe it is # 2

You need to touch down as gently as possible that is one score, back wheels touching middle of blue square that is two and staying in the center of the runway that is third score.


Stopping distance doesn’t seem to be part of the score, the “ground roll” score image looks more like about the distance from centerline and the “precision” is about the distance from the touchdown zone

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If you read the description in the game. You should touch down on the marker. Be as slow to impact the ground (soft landing) as possible, in the middle of the runway, without swerving. And then come to a complete stop as fast as possible to earn the most points.

Something that helps here is to throw the engines in reverse on touch down. And the last bit pull up the parking break as well. But I struggle to keep the center line.

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